The court may send to the jail model Olga CentreVu


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The court may change the model Olga Senturias the measure of restraint from recognizance not to leave to detention. Detained recently on suspicion of stealing 22 million Ibrahim Dudayev gave evidence on his accomplice.

The Tagansky district court was arrested on October 9, Ibrahim Dudayev, accused of stealing money from capital of businessman Alexander Krayushkina. On Wednesday, September 12, “the” reported in a press-service of the court.

Dudayev is charged under paragraph “b” of part 4 of article 158 of the criminal code (“Theft in especially large size”).

As reported by Telegram channel 112, Dudayev, formerly known as the investigation “Caucasian Timur”, was detained in the Chechen Republic, and soon gave evidence at Centurio. According to him, the girl they were looking for somebody who could open the safe in the room of one of the capital’s hotels on Novy Arbat. The vault was equipped with dual mechanical and electronic lock.

It is established that the underground Parking Senturia brought a partner into the back seat of his car. In the premises and the attackers believed that surveillance cameras are not working. But several cameras were recording, which police later found the kidnappers.

After the safe was opened, according to Dudayev, the girl took him 20 million rubles and 35 thousand dollars. However, investigators believe that most of the kidnapped cracker left. The detainee also told that Centuria assured him that the funds belong to her, her husband gone, to call it impossible, took the key from the safe, well, and the money is lying in an iron box, her vital.

Centreway accomplice went into hiding immediately after the victim, the businessman has written the application in police. However law enforcement officers managed to establish his identity and recently, Ibrahim Dudayev was detained in Chechnya while trying to purchase the fake documents.

Now he was remanded in custody for a month and gives grateful evidences. Centuria in his testimony, by contrast, attempts to shift the blame on Ibrahim. In spite of the surveillance recordings, she denies his presence at the crime scene. Now a source close to the investigation does not exclude that based on the testimony of Dudayev, the court may Centreway change the measure of restraint from recognizance not to leave to detention.

On 20 July it became known that the model Olga Senturias was charged with the theft of 22 million rubles. According to the lawyer of the accused Alexander gofshtein, Centreway, like Dudayev, charged with committing theft in especially large size. This article provides punishment till 10 years of imprisonment.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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