The first Italian brothel with a sex doll suddenly closed


Photo: Aly Song / Reuters

The first Italian brothel with a sex doll, which opened in early September, and promptly closed. About it reports The Daily Mail.

Since the official opening of school nine days. The founders visited the police conducted a RAID, after which it was decided to cease operation of a brothel.

According to the newspaper, owners caught in breach of Italian laws relating to rental housing. In addition, the test were dolls: the local health authorities wanted to make sure that the offered product is carefully processed after each use.

In Italy brothels with the usual prostitutes are outside the law, and a similar institution — the first of its kind. It opened September 3, and its creators told reporters that room with the dolls was quickly booked clients for several weeks ahead.

In the Arsenal of institutions — the expensive dolls, the cost of each is about two thousand euros (about 160 thousand). After a session with a client they are cleaned within two hours.

In the brothel eight special rooms, each equipped with a bed, a bathroom, and a TV screen showing porn.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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