The man hid behind a dying son for a gift


Photo: Wolfgang von Brauchitsch /

Anonymous artist from Spain spoke about when he was begging to do a free portrait for a dying child. Correspondence Spaniard customer posted on the page imageboard Reddit.

The artist asked the man who wanted to obtain a portrait redrawn from a photograph. The master agreed and promised to do the job in 3-4 days. For their work and delivery of work he demanded of 210 euros (about 17 thousand).

Customer this amount is not staged: at first he couldn’t believe the job can cost that much. So he decided any way to bring down the price. In the end, he asked for a free portrait, citing ailing child.

“It’s not me, it’s for my son. He’s sick, he has cancer. Can do for free?” — asked the man. The artist replied that he would not paint for free, since it is unlikely to make the child happier.

“Dude, really well. My son is dying to fuck. And you refuse him?” — not appeased the customer. After another refusal, the man was blocked by the artist, called him a piece of shit and wished him to get cancer.

Network users outraged by the behavior of men who want to receive a free portrait under the guise of a deadly disease son.

“Please tell me that this is a fake mail. I can’t believe these conversations actually happen,” wrote one frustrated commenter. “Now his son is crying,” said another concerned user.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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