Uncover the secret suitcase is assembled


Photo: Frank May / Globallookpress.com

Experienced traveler Caroline Jasinski gave a few tips that will help you successfully pack for a trip. Her instructions published News.com.au.

First, the girl advised to take three of the top of each for every skirt or trousers, as the top always takes up less space in a suitcase, and people often change it.

Secondly, she said that the ideal way to pack underwear, t-shirts and shorts in the suitcase is twisting. And, for example, a shirt with a collar it is better to simply fold a few times. In addition, Jasinski advised to use compression bags for things that help save space.

Also, she believes that any trip will be useful for all three pairs of shoes: sneakers, flat shoes and one pair of heels. According to experts, you must always put on the bottom and then put the rest of the stuff.

In July, the experts of the travel industry has compiled a list of tips that will help tourists to make the trip and stay at the airport comfortable, and also to avoid unpleasant consequences. They recommended to bring food on the plane from home, to put all necessary things in your hand Luggage and not to take baggage.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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