United States compared “Nord stream-2” with a bottleneck


Photo: Sergey Guneev / RIA Novosti

The Minister of energy of the USA Rick Perry stated that Washington opposes the construction of the pipeline “Nord stream-2”, but it does not preclude seeking mutual common ground with Moscow. About it reports “Interfax”.

Speaking about the origins of the reluctance of the implementation of the project, Perry compared the pipeline with “a bottleneck”. “We opposed the “Nord stream-2″ which means that two-thirds of the resources will go through one vendor, and it will be a bottleneck, if something goes not so”, — he explained.

While Perry expressed confidence that the US and Russia will be able to find “common ground to make this world a better place”. According to the Minister, neither Moscow nor Washington wish to reach the stage where against the Russian gas pipeline sanctions will be imposed.

“Nord stream-2” to be built by the end of 2019. At the same time the term of the agreement “Gazprom” and Ukrainian “Naftogaz” on gas transit through the territory of this country. The new pipeline will replace the old route through Ukraine.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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