Bride with terrible burns were able to walk to the altar


Marga, Abejo-Momentto: @faiyah

A resident of Luxembourg refused to call off the wedding, despite burns all over the body. This was reported by the newspaper the Daily Mail.

Marga, Abejo-Momper (Marga Abejo-Momper) three months before the wedding he went to his parents to the Philippines. 30-year-old bride decided to light the stove in the yard to cook the pizza. The woman threw into the fire the paper, but a piece broke off, caught fire, and the fire spread to a bottle of lighter fluid in her hand. It exploded, leaving the entire woman’s body burns.

Abajo-Momper immediately rushed to the nearby shower and put out the flames. At first, the woman decided that burned quite a bit, but on arrival at the hospital, “the pain shot through her whole body,” she said.

Burns covered more than a third of the body, Abejo-Momper, including the face, hands and chest. The woman was afraid to look at myself in the mirror, and visitors to the hospital at the sight of her called out. For some time she could not walk, eat and take care of yourself.

The next two months her every ten days the skin graft and bandaging. Procedures were performed under General anesthesia because it was too painful. Three weeks after the incident, Abejo-Momper came her fiance. She was very afraid that he doesn’t want to stay with her, but the man took all the care of the woman and literally forced her to learn to walk again.

Three months after the incident, the couple got married in France. Under the dress the bride wore a compression bandage, and a makeup artist helped her to hide all the scars. Abajo-Momper said that the effects of the incident left her wedding “more special day” together with the proof of their love.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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