China joined the anti-Russian sanctions


Photo: Jon Woo / Reuters

Chinese banks refuse to conduct transactions with the participation of Russian companies because of U.S. sanctions and the European Union, said the head of the Central Bank of Russia in China Vladimir Danilov, who was quoted by TASS.

“There are problems associated with an extended interpretation of a number of Chinese banks restrictive measures of third countries against Russia. Commercial banks in the PRC often allude to the sanctions of the EU and the United States, cited as the reasons for the denial of service of customer payments by Russian banks, which have no reason,” said Danilov.

Thus, according to him, the current financial structure “in General allows to meet the needs of the business.”

The number of transactions in our national currencies — the ruble and the yuan is gradually increasing, although most of them are still made in dollars, said the representative of the Central Bank.

September 13, assistant Secretary of state Manish Singh said that Washington plans to introduce a new package of sanctions against Russia. According to her, the restrictions will be “very hard” and are associated with cases of poisoning in the UK nerve substance “Beginner”, in which London has formally accused Moscow.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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