Dzhamshut from the sitcom “Our Russia” became homeless and made repairs to protect his lady


Valery Magdyash Photo: Comedy Club Production / RIA Novosti

Russian actor of theater and cinema Valery Magdyash admitted that he has no home and money. His words on Friday, September 14, reports with reference to the transmission of “live” TV channel “Russia 1”.

According to Magdala, he made a good living because of the role of migrant workers Dzhamshuta in the sitcom “Our Russia”. “For day received one thousand dollars. Worked in the project year. One day decided to collect all the savings, sell the apartment. Collected all in the trunk, went to the Bank to put everything in the cell, and then to buy a two-bedroom apartment more”, — told the artist.

Magdyash told that on the way to the Bank was attacked, hit with an iron pipe on the head, taking away money and documents. The artist went to the hospital, and then wandered through the streets: “I went to Mineralniye Vody, was on the station.”

Artist sheltered coming from Anapa to Mineral Water the woman named Tatiana, with whom he now lives. It is noted that in gratitude for the shelter Magdyash did the woman in the apartment repairs.

67-year-old Valery Magdyash starred in the film “Who if not us”, the “Small giant of big sex”, “lucky” and “Our Russia: eggs of fate”, as well as in the TV series “the Lawyer”, “Truckers 2” and “Trace”.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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