Found a way to avoid the explosion of bottles in the Luggage


Photo: @@JaidenAnimation

Industry experts told travel, how to pack bottles of liquids in a suitcase, so they did not explode during the flight. Reported by the

In order to prevent unpleasant consequences, you just use cling film. “All you have to do is just put a layer of foil under the cap of your shampoo,” — said the experts of the online service travel Smarter Travel.

Thus, when at the height of 10 thousand meters, the pressure will compress the bottles with shampoo or conditioner, a thin layer of plastic film will help to keep fluid inside the tank.

Earlier in September, experienced traveler Caroline Jasinski gave a few tips that will help you successfully pack for a trip. It is recommended to take only three pairs of shoes, and to wring linen, t-shirts and shorts. In addition, Jasinski advised to use compression bags for things.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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