Found a way to hack any computer in the world


Photo: Daniel Becerril / Reuters

Most modern computers have proved vulnerable to the attack, aimed at stealing confidential data. This was reported in a new study by F-Secure.

Security consultant, Segerdal Olle (Olle Segerdahl) said that the hacking will take the attacker all of five minutes. However, he needs physical access to the device.

The vulnerability allows criminals to carry out the attack by cold reboot. She is to shutdown or restart the computer without stopping the tasks. After this, hacker recovers data that remain available in memory.

Modern devices are able to overwrite his memory, however, Segerdal found a way to disable this process. It turned out that the settings that control them are not protected from physical interference. An attacker may disable the overwrite and launch the attack by using an external USB drive.

The consultant has noticed that such attacks most often will be focused on the lost laptops. Of particular interest to hackers represent operating devices businesses, which can be used to crack corporate networks.

The results of their study Several sent to Apple, Microsoft and Intel. He stressed that this problem has not yet been found.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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