Google maps “dismembered” kissing lovers


Photo: Google Street View

Users of Google Maps found on maps strange picture “dissected” the lovers kissing on the beach. It is reported by The Sun.

The picture shows that a man and a woman were sitting on towels spread out on the sand. At a time when a special camera car Google has fixed them, they were kissing. However, the panoramic photo was glued improperly, causing the image is unrealistic.

When you zoom in, the picture shows that the lovers ‘ bodies literally “dismembered”: the upper part of the body of a man near the woman, but his legs are a meter away from him on the sand. In this case, one foot of his beloved General was gone from the picture.

A similar failure of Google Maps found in July. Service users saw the image of a woman with three legs. They immediately dubbed her “mutant”.

A month later, the network became famous for the man who chased the Google car and showed the cameras lenses middle fingers.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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