In the casing of the “Union” found new traces of the drill


Photo: NASA

In the casing of the Russian manned spacecraft “Soyuz”, a hole which led to the fall of pressure on the ISS, discovered new traces of work of the drills, told TASS source in the space industry.

“The traces of the drill is not only inside the household section of the ship, but on the screen meteoroid bumper, which covers the ship from the outside and set to 15 millimeters from a sealed housing”, — said the Agency interlocutor.

According to him, before patching the hole in the “Soyuz”, the astronauts conducted a photo and video of the damage. “The analysis in these photos was discovered traces of the drill and protivometeoritnoy screen behind the hole is the one who drilled the enclosure, passing it through, put his head drill into external leaky defense,” — said the source.

According to another source from the space industry, installing, leaking meteoroid bumper is in the penultimate phase of the Assembly of the ship, then “Union” is sent to the final Assembly shop. In the course of inspection at the final Assembly shop of the hole and traces of the drill bit to trim the inside of the ship was not. “The ship was later drilled, fully assembled,” said the source.

The interviewee noted that in the final Assembly shop of the ship is about two weeks, then sent on 90 days on a test stand (KIS), “and in KIS photographic images are not provided.” “Thus, the ship could drill on the very last stage works in the shop of final Assembly or the CIS”, — said the source.

The source called the unlikely version of the damaging “Union” during its transportation by rail to Baikonur and the cosmodrome.

An anonymous source RIA Novosti, commenting on the TASS report about the discovery of new traces of drill on the hull of manned spacecraft, said that “it’s all the same hole as before and not some new tracks.”

“However, in the course of works on 30 August with the help of an endoscope it was found that the hole the drill does not pass through — up to open space and passed fully two-millimeter aluminum case household compartment and rested in protivometeoritnoy protection and screen-vacuum insulation, which is at a distance of fifteen inches from it,” — said the source.

Previously, according to sources RIA Novosti, the internal Commission of rocket and space Corporation Energia are investigating the incident with the air leak on the ISS, came to the conclusion that the hole in the hull of the “Union” appeared in the Assembly of the spaceship enterprise in the Queen. In turn, General Director of Roscosmos, Dmitry Rogozin admitted that the hole in the hull of the “Union” could be made in orbit.

About air leak on the ISS August 30, said Rogozin. The cause of the problem — a hole with a diameter of about two millimeters in the skin of manned spacecraft “Soyuz”, docked to the Russian segment of the station. Later it became known that the leak is caused by a deliberate impact drill on the hull of a ship. Russian cosmonauts were able to quickly repair the hole.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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