Monetochka came in “Field of dreams” and gave Yakubovich voodoo doll


Photo: Screenshot / First channel

Singer Monetochka (Elizabeth of Gardanova) participated in the program “Field of miracles” on the First channel. Show recording available on the website of the TV channel.

The singer managed to continue the phrase: “Shave, shear beaver-hedgehog, from bald do bald, treat…” the Answer was the word “lousy”, Monetochka reached the final, where they lost. As a reward for participating, she received a slow cooker.

Monetochka gave Leonid Yakubovich two dolls, calling them “voodoo dolls”, and got a kiss from the presenter.

In February, the statement Jakubowicz against participants of the “Field of miracles” caused a scandal. The presenter said that advises participants to perceive the transfer as a game, and the opportunity to send greetings to your loved ones, as seriously to guess the word letter by letter for two hours in front of the whole country — a “diagnosis” and “schizophrenia”. Later, the broadcaster said that the hype around his comments raised the unscrupulous media who are not familiar with the original.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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