Named the new targets for sanctions against Russia


Photo: Sergey Orlov / RIA Novosti

The U.S. Treasury is considering the introduction of sanctions against the largest Russian aviakontserna “Dry”. According to “Kommersant”, the corresponding statement was made on September 13 at Congress, the assistant Secretary Marshall Billingsley.

According to him, sanctions will follow, if it is confirmed that warplanes “Dry” (for example, frontline bombers su-24M and su-34, su-30CM and su-35S) was used in chemical attacks in Syria. “Of course, we are very concerned that the aircraft could be used in chemical attacks on innocent people in Syria,” the official said.

“Dry” specializiruetsya in the production of military aviation and is part of the state of United aircraft Corporation. “Dry” is owned by JSC “Sukhoi Civil aircraft” (SCAC), which automatically fall under the sanctions.

The KLA said that “closely monitoring the sanctions the agenda, and continuously assessing the risks”, but the official statement of the U.S. Treasury “to comment prematurely.” According to sources in the aviation market, the probability of imposition of sanctions is quite high. First of all, they can hurt the GSS, as in military aircraft, unlike civilian models, not used components from NATO countries. GSS and KLA have already adopted a strategic decision on the replacement of these components, but it will take about four years.

In July 2006 the “Dry” already fall under U.S. sanctions after being accused of supplying Iran with dual-use technologies. Then the sanctions overturned a few months later — in November of the same year.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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