Photos of the “invisible” car was puzzled by network users


Photo: Reddit

Network user under the nickname Tittzo from close range took a picture of my black car, however, the audience barely saw it on the image. Emigrate posted on Reddit.

At first glance, the picture shows only a small garden with trees and stones. However, upon closer inspection, you notice the wheel of the car closer to the center of the photo. As it turned out, half of the yard is a reflection of standing in the middle of the road car, which was scrubbed to a Shine.

“This black car after washing looks like a mirror”, — stated in the description of the published photos.

Many users were surprised when for the first time drew attention to the wheel. Judging by the comments, some of them took more than two minutes to search the car.

Others doubted that the image is genuine. They suggested that the picture was retouched in the photo editor.

Earlier, the regulars at Reddit laughed at the honest answer of the student in the school setting. The child wrote that last time I experienced a lot of anger when doing homework.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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