The honest answer of the student in homework conquered by network users


Photo: Reddit

Visitors imageboard Reddit laughed at a student who honestly told me the homework assignment of the moment when it wakes up rage. A photograph of completed work shared the child’s father under the name LucentPhoenix.

In home work the student has to answer the question, at what times he gets angry the most. “When I find the homework in his backpack,” wrote the boy. The following question: “How do you do that?” the child replied, “run it.”

Netizens praised post on emigrate: the record received almost 30 thousand approvals in a few days. The visitors laughed at the response of the students and praised him for his honesty.

“Man, buy him ice cream,” asked one commenter. “I am confident that he will put 5+,” said another.

Previously, users were impressed by the questions elementary school students on the lessons of sex education. Some of them were convinced that sexual intercourse lasts about a day.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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