The man lived a quarter of a century with the instrument in the stomach


Photo: Shutterstock

Doctors of Myanmar was removed from the abdominal cavity men 15-cm surgical instrument that forgot 26 years ago during another operation. This was announced by the publication Coconuts.

All this time the man was suffering from acute pain. His family told him about the finding the surgeon who performed the last surgery, but he not pleaded guilty. “Honestly, I then saved his life. Without the surgery he would have died,” said the doctor.

He blamed the nurses who had to count instruments after surgery. In addition, the surgeon complained about the conditions in which they had to work due to power outages operations were performed with a flashlight.

The patient’s relatives appealed to the Ministry of health of Myanmar and gave back all the medical records. The investigation had to wait more than a month. Experts were sent to hospitals in the cities of Pyapon and Hinthada, where he held both operations, to clarify the circumstances of the case.

In December 2017 the doctors from Chechnya found in the intestines of retired three-meter probe, forgotten Ukrainian surgeons 10 years ago. The man felt good and did not sue the doctors from Kharkov.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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