The state of emergency will be put into affected by chemicals Crimean city


The plant “Crimean Titan” , located near Armyanskogo: Viktor Korotayev / Kommersant

In the town of Armyansk in Northern Crimea, where in August there was a release of chemicals, to impose a state of emergency (emergency). This was announced by Deputy head of the Crimean management on protection, monitoring and prevention of emergency situations of EMERCOM of Russia Alexei Fridman, RIA Novosti reported.

CHS will introduce on Friday, September 14, in the Armenian and in the surrounding villages. According to the latest Rospotrebnadzor, the maximum permissible concentration (MPC) in air of harmful substances is exceeded in Armyansk more than five times.

According to Friedman, the emergency mode will allow to use funds from the reserve Fund. “Special treatment areas as continued and continued. All recommendations are valid, no further action will not be held. Monitoring is conducted” — said the official.

On the night of 24 August in Armyansk was a release of an unknown substance on the roofs and the leaves appeared yellow. Prior to that, in town for a few days was an unpleasant smell, residents complained of an indisposition. September 4 in the air recorded the excess of MPC of sulphur dioxide. Crimean authorities claim that the threat to the health of residents there, but all the children of the Armenian decided to go on vacation in other areas.

The cause of ejection of steel evaporation of kilocalories at a chemical plant “Crimean Titan”. Drive shallow, which led to the increase in the concentration of acids and fumes into the atmosphere. Now the plant is stopped.

Before the return of Crimea in structure of Russia kislotostabilen was diluted with water coming through the North-Crimean channel in the territory of mainland Ukraine. In 2014 Kiev has blocked delivery. The Ukrainian authorities claim that “any price” will not allow flow in Crimea water from the Dnieper.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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