The US state Department spent 52 thousands of dollars on curtains


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The U.S. state Department paid for the installation of special curtains at the residence of the US Ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley. It is reported by The New York Times. The material for the curtains and the mechanism of their total opening cost the state nearly 53 thousand dollars (3.5 million rubles).

The envoy penthouse occupies the whole floor: its area is over 550 square meters. Panoramic Windows with views of new York- an important plus for the first official events. Curtains themselves, paid from the budget, cost 29.9 thousand dollars. Another 22.8 thousands of state Department spent on automatic mechanism to open and close.

Installation of curtains in the apartment took place from March to August last year — at a time when Rex Tillerson, at the time U.S. Secretary of state, has suspended hiring of new employees, conducted extensive cuts and offered to cut the budget by 31 percent.

Some officials that the budget spending was not satisfied: “How can you tell the diplomats that their basic needs can not be met, and at the same time spending over 50 thousand dollars on ordering curtains for envoy to the United Nations?” asked Brett Brune (Brett Bruen), engaged in diplomatic work during the presidential term of Barack Obama.

The representative of state Department Patrick Kennedy responded to this claim, explaining that the curtains will be used and was necessary both for security and for entertainment purposes. “From the maid, she [Nikki Haley] only a maid, and the ability to quickly open or close curtains are very important,” he explained.

In addition, it is reported that renting such a large space is costing the United States in addition to the 58 thousand dollars (3.9 million rubles) per month.

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