Unaware of his father’s death the children wrote to him a touching message


Photo: Kalli Jefford

A resident of the UK told how three of her sons did for a father’s touching Christmas message, not knowing he died in hospital on the eve of the holiday. About it reports The Mirror.

The Jeffords kalli (Kalli Jefford) from the British town of Corby, Northamptonshire, found the courage to tell his three sons — eight-year-old Harrison, a seven year old and five year old Ashton Jackson-John — the death of her husband John Halford (John Halward).

Knowing that her lover is dead, she recorded a video in which he asked his children to congratulate my father for Christmas. The children learned about his death only on 2 January. The mother admitted that the silence was torture for her.

Immediately after the death of a healthy liver the men were handed over to the needy in transplantation in man. This body, says Jeffords, became to someone a valuable Christmas present that made women a sense of pride. “I told the kids that their father is gone, but added that some of his saved the life of another person, and we should be proud of”, she said.

John Halford suffered from type I diabetes and had to carefully monitor the level of glucose in the blood. However, the British had neglected his health and was often fond of food with high sugar content. In the end, this has led to serious kidney problems. Later, the doctors diagnosed him with vascular dementia. He needed a kidney transplant and pancreas, but he did not wait for the queue for organs.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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