Unknown 24 times hit the jackpot in an online casino and disappeared


Photo: Shutterstock

Hacker, hiding under the name runningsnail took advantage of a vulnerability in an online casino DEOSGames and hit the jackpot 24 times in a row. After receiving wins at the expense of a black hat left the platform. About the attack reported in the official Twitter account DEOSGames.

Judging by the account runningsnail, the hacker made an account before the attack. During the attack on an online casino he won almost 24 thousand dollars in the currency of the EOS platform (over 1.6 million). The amount of each jackpot amounted to 197 EOS. The offender is not yet pulled most of my winnings from the account.

In DEOSGames attack on the infrastructure of a casino called a useful lesson. “It was a good stress test and we have improved significantly,” said company representatives.

Earlier it became known about the hackers who hacked into the database of a gambling institution through a “smart” thermometer in the aquarium that stood in the foyer of the casino. Criminals used his signal for securing the internal network.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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