Disclosed the details of the plan against rising gasoline prices


Photo: Valeriy Melnikov / RIA Novosti

The government decided on tax maneuver, which will help to regulate pricing in the fuel market. The results of a meeting of representatives of ministries and major oil companies, said Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Kozak Ilya juice, RBC.

Tax maneuver will be based on the change in the calculation of the damping allowances. This allowance is a tool to smooth fluctuations in fuel prices on the domestic market. Costs it was decided to divide equally between the state and oil companies. Thus, with the growth of oil prices and the weakening of the rouble, companies will become more profitable to export the fuel and keep prices in the domestic market for social reasons.

Also key to maneuver will be the increased netback — it is calculated on the basis of the export price of fuel, and subtracting the costs of transport and duty. If it will exceed the conditional price of the domestic market, the oil company will return half of the revenue they will lose because of fuel supply to the Russian market, not for export.

This amount will be reduced by the purchase of currency and transfer to the national welfare Fund, which is provided by the fiscal rule.

In addition, the conditional price for the domestic market was considerably reduced: 5, 6 thousand roubles for ton of gasoline is 56 thousand and five thousand rubles per ton of diesel instead of 50 thousand. The representative of the Deputy Prime Minister explained that the additional revenues of oil companies will rise.

The law on tax maneuver should work since 2019. The timing of the introduction of damping premiums and funding sources are discussed.

Gasoline prices in Russia began to rise in April. By early summer, they rose by 8 rubles. To deter the authorities took measures, made the tax maneuver in the oil industry, involving the payment of back excise refineries depending on market conditions, abolished the increase in excise duties and passed a law allowing to increase the export duty on oil to a level of 90 percent from the duty on oil.

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