Marked the limit of the cost of housing in the main resort of the Crimea


Photo: Alexander Polehenko / RIA Novosti

The cost of housing for consumers in Yalta, the main resort city of the Crimea — should not exceed 40 thousand rubles per square meter. This was stated by the head of the region Sergey Aksenov, reported on the website of the government of the Republic.

“My principled position: accommodation in Yalta shouldn’t cost more than 40 thousand rubles per square meter in the first place in order for the citizens of Yalta might resolve their housing problems. This applies in particular to those living in emergency Fund, and preferential categories of citizens”, — said Aksenov at the next meeting of the architectural and town-planning Council of the region.

The head of the Crimea said that the decision of housing problems of inhabitants of Yalta will be the main focus in the implementation of the plan for the city. Aksenov also instructed to conduct a full inventory of land plots in the resort.

Earlier in September, was named the city of Crimea with high-yield real estate. Top headed Simferopol — according to analysts ‘ estimates, the average apartment in the capital of the region when the lease brings the owner an income at 8.3% per annum and pays for itself in 12 years. Second place went to Sevastopol, the third — Kerch.

According to the portal “World apartments” available to the revisions, the average apartment in a newly built house in the Crimea at the moment is 4.8 million rubles.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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