Monococque advised rapping


Photo: Ekaterina Chesnokova / RIA Novosti

Singer Monococque should find a new producer and work on the form for the submission of their poems. This was stated by a music critic and presenter Mikhail Kozyrev, the radio station “Moscow speaking”.

According to Kozyrev, Monetochka is a very talented poet, but with the tone of voice her, “just unlucky”. To solve this problem, he noted, would help a good music producer, who would have found “a conduit for these verses, which is not so much cut the ear”.

“If I were in the place of the producer, I would prefer to make that decision when it was possible to compare. That is, for example, she won’t be able to sing, and to read the recitative in this repova style and voice just below. Will try my best there to drive it. And it is necessary to compare”, — said the critic.

He also added that the singer would write lyrics for other artists to use their potential.

In July, Carey was named the voice of Moniecki “disgusting”. However, she acknowledged that the singer “great texts” and it “looks fine”.

Monetochka (real name Elizabeth of Gardanova) — 20-year-old singer from Yekaterinburg. Her discography includes the albums “Psychedelic cloud rap” and “Coloring pages for adults”, which was released in the summer of 2018.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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