A portrait of Putin hung for a month in a hotel trump as if nothing had happened


Photo: @brian_andrew_whiteley

American artist Brian Whiteley hung a portrait of Russian President Vladimir Putin at the US President Donald trump in Washington. It is reported by Hyperallergic.

Friend whitely, who wished to remain anonymous, had booked a room 435 in early August. After that, he helped the artist to place the picture over the sofa. The hotel is a 15-minute walk from the White house.

According to Whiteley, the painting hung in the hotel for over a month. During this time, the room stayed a few guests, but they didn’t notice.

In September, the artist returned to the hotel and told staff that he had forgotten something in the room. “They let me in the room, and I was able to take a picture, but I was kicked out when the Manager noticed that I’m trying to make”, — said the artist.

The hotel representatives to deny the incident. “Nothing like this,” said Patricia tan, Director of sales and marketing of the hotel Trump International Hotel.

The artist provided photos of the room showing the picture. It is placed above the couch that says “Hotels trump”.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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