Tesla opened a criminal case


Elon, MASCOTA: Gene Blevins / Reuters

The U.S. Department of justice has opened a criminal case against Tesla because of the public statements of the founder and the head of the company Elon musk, according to Bloomberg.

A criminal investigation is in parallel with the administrative, which is the Federal securities Commission. The reason for the investigation – tweets Mask, in which he announced the decision to make Tesla a private company, and even found the funding for the repurchase of shares. He also indicated that it plans to buy back securities from the calculation of $ 420 per share, which was above their market price.

Tesla representatives declined to comment.

Earlier on the Mask are also sued a number of traders and shareholders Tesla, who accused him in violation of the securities act. Raised stock prices tweets the Mask, the plaintiffs called a “textbook case of fraud”.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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