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The first daughter of Uzbekistan’s President Islam Karimov, Gulnara left the country and is in Dubai. On Wednesday, October 3, reports “Radio Ozodlik” (the Uzbek version of “Radio Liberty”).

Information about the appearance of Karimova in UAE edition confirmed employees of the airport and hotels, which on 2 October, met her in Dubai. One of directly involved in the organization of the trip Karimova in Dubai sent to the editor of “Radio Ozodlik” document, stating that the daughter of the former President of the Republic, was in one of the expensive hotels in the UAE as a VIP guest, arrived in Dubai on a private jet on 2 October at 14:00 local time.

Help for domestic use, which handed responsible for meeting and servicing Karimova as a VIP guest to the hotel employees (and responsible for her safety), says that Karimova is the eldest daughter who died in 2016 of the President of Uzbekistan, as well as the founder and head of non-governmental organizations. The certificate is also accompanied by a photo of Karimova, in which she is depicted on the background of the logo of the forum in Monaco.

The journalists managed to get through to the most Karimova. “When our reporter asked the woman, lifted up the phone: “Gulnara, is that you?”, she replied: “Yes.” But learning about who she was concerned, the woman hung up the phone”, — stated in the material. Subsequent attempts to reach her were unsuccessful, and then the hotel staff said to the publication that cannot provide information regarding visitors under the name of Gulnara Karimova.

“Radio Ozodlik” contacted the head of the Department for providing services to VIP visitors of the hotel, which confirmed that a guest staying for five luxury rooms in this hotel, really is Gulnara Karimova. However, he said that this woman is not the daughter of the former President of Uzbekistan. “We sent an e-mail to our employees and warned them that the certificate was written wrong information,” he said. In addition, the VIP-guest hotel supposedly is not even a citizen of Uzbekistan and a much younger daughter of Islam Karimov.

2 Oct daughter Gulnara Karimova, the Iman said that her mother, against which in Uzbekistan initiated a criminal case, was allowed to go home. “Radio Ozodlik”, in turn citing its sources told that the daughter of the former President was released under house arrest in August. Neither the General Prosecutor’s office of Uzbekistan or Swiss lawyer Karimova Gregoire Manga not confirmed, nor denied this information.

In July 2017 at the website of the Prosecutor General of Uzbekistan reported that Gulnara Karimova in August 2015 sentenced to five years imprisonment. The court found her guilty of tax evasion, embezzlement, extortion and destruction of documents of offshore companies. Then against it, it opened a new criminal case in which Karimova has been charged with fraud, concealment of foreign currency, violation of customs law, violation of the rules of trade and rendering of services, forgery and legalization of proceeds derived from criminal activities.

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