Putin said the reason for the refusal of refugees to return home


Vladimir Putinto: Sputnik Photo Agency / Reuters

Russian President Vladimir Putin urged the Chancellor of Austria, Sebastian Kurz together to create conditions for the return of refugees from Europe to Syria. He stated this at a press-conference on results of negotiations, reports “Interfax”.

“Europe is very interested in the fact that the refugees were returning. According to our calculations, in less than a year, perhaps one hundred and fifty thousand had already returned home”, — said the Russian leader. He added that more Syrians could return home, if European countries and Russia jointly provide humanitarian assistance and rebuild destroyed objects.

According to the President, Europe must not pay for the refugees high social benefits, as a good financial situation of Syrians prevents their return to their home country. “Why should they sit in? Their wages are three times less than the social benefit” — wondered Putin.

He added that more needed to connect to the repatriation process. “This, in my opinion, which is basic, it is on the surface. Let’s work together on this not-so-difficult and, incidentally, not-so-expensive, but very important for specific people problems,” he concluded.

Earlier a similar proposal by President criticized in Germany. In the faction “green” in the Bundestag considered that Putin wants to force European countries “to pay for the restoration of the cities that he bombed”.

Migration crisis broke out in Europe in 2015. Some countries called for stemming the flow of refugees and against quotas on the number of migrants. At the same time Germany took more than 1.5 million people. In 2017, in Italy moved the largest number of refugees who arrived by sea, with more than 119 thousand people.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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