Runaway Dachshund returned to the owners after five years


Frame: Norwich Bulletin / YouTube

In the American city of Norwich, Connecticut, found a dog that escaped from the owners of more than five years ago. This publication reports the Norwich Bulletin.

An employee of the animal control noticed in the Parking lot old Dachshund almost lost her hearing and vision. She picked it up and took it to the shelter. The woman suspected that the owners left pet, but still tried to communicate with them.

The dog had a microchip with contact information. An employee of the animal control called the listed phone there. It turned out that the number belongs to a company from out of state, where he once worked, the owner of the Dachshund. She contacted him and said that the dog was found.

It turned out that the owners of the animal live in Brooklyn, located at 30 kilometers from Norwich. Their Dachshund named Lady disappeared for more than five years ago, when she was 12 years old. They couldn’t find her and feared that she became a prey to the wolves. Where the Lady spent all this time, remains unknown.

In June it was reported that the dog, lost American family during a trip to another state, returned home after a three-year absence. He ate the food waste from the garbage and drank water at the car wash.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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