A new feature in mail Google led users to the horror


Photo: Sunday Alamba / AP

Google has launched a new feature, Smart Compose, which completes the phrases and sentences of users in their e-mails. About upgrading, to scare users, reported in the blog of the Corporation.

Initially, Compose Smart auto offers a set of simple responses, for example, greetings or thanks. Later smart algorithm learns by analyzing the correspondence of the user. According to the description of the employees function updates the forecast correspondence with each new keystroke. The ideal response time they called 100 milliseconds — in this case, the user will not notice delay or “hang”.

A number of Twitter users have approved the update, calling it useful. American Peggs Tobias (Tobias Peggs) described him as “really nice and smart.”

However, many Smart Compose scared. “Why the updated Gmail tries to complete my sentences? It’s scary,” — shared her experiences Rachel Lucas (Rachelle Lucas). Adam Barrera (Adam Barrera) called it a “terrible predictor”.

Experts in the field of information technology concerned with the security issue. “The amount of data that Compose the Smart server sends is staggering. It not only sends the names, themes, letters, their content, it sends the logs, when was the last time you entered the keys in the text field” — was horrified programmer Sam Saffron Sam Saffron. User Matt Marietta (Matt Vairetta) called the app “Big Brother”.

Google has not commented on the issue of user safety. In the blog they only indicated that the application uses only “normal phrase”.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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