Accused of raping Ronaldo was left without a place in the team


Cristiano Ronaldooo: Gabriele Maltinti / Getty Images

The Portuguese striker, Juventus Cristiano Ronaldo will not take part in the next game of the Portuguese national team. Reported by the Associated Press.

As noted, the 33-year-old Portuguese will focus on the fight against accusations of rape by an American woman, Catherine smacked silly by Mayorga. Ronaldo was left out of the application team for the next matches. On 11 October the Portuguese will be meeting in the framework of the League of Nations against Poland. Three days later the team under the guidance of Fernando Santos scheduled a friendly match against Scotland.

Ronaldo was publicly accused by mayorgas for rape, which allegedly occurred in Las Vegas in 2009. The player denies the fact that violence against American. The Portuguese intends to prove his innocence in court.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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