Apartments rose in half of major cities of Russia


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In the third quarter of 2018, the average price of a square meter of secondary housing in the largest cities of Russia grew by two percent year on year. This is stated in the study of CYANOGEN, provided of edition”.ru” on Thursday, October 4.

The increase in the cost of new apartments recorded in 35 of the 59 communities where the study was conducted. 11-year rate has dropped in 13 has not changed. Most significantly in the third quarter rose housing in Perm (+14 percent), Barrow (+13%) and Kirov (+12 percent). The most noticeable drop in prices shown in Rostov-on-don (-13 percent), Vladivostok and Arkhangelsk (-9 percent in both).

In Moscow “secondary”, according to analysts, has increased in price five percent (compared with the previous year). The same growth was observed in Moscow oblast. In Saint Petersburg the average price per square meter in the secondary market increased by four percent.

As noted in CYANOGEN, higher prices for “secondary” in the third quarter contributed to two key factors: the decline in mortgage rates and rising real disposable incomes of the population.

According to the portal Domofond published on September 28, not new housing in Russia for July — September this year rose an average of percent, with 59 thousand to 60 thousand rubles per square meter. The highest rates of price growth, experts have recorded in the Sakhalin region.

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