China has outdone Russia of meddling in the Affairs of USA


Photo: Andy Wong / AP

Chinese interference in American elections are regarded as more pernicious than the Russian. This is stated in a prepared speech, the Vice-President of the USA Mike Pence to speak at the Hudson Institute on October 4, reports Bloomberg.

In the speech indicates that “Beijing has prepared undercover agents, special groups and advocacy stuffing to change the attitude of Americans toward Chinese politics.” According to intelligence, Russia’s actions are overshadowed by the Chinese intervention, the report noted.

During his speech, he also accused China of meddling in the mid-term elections to Congress in November and undermine the credibility of the American leader Donald trump, the Associated Press reports. “China wants to see on a post of the President of the United States of another person”, — is noted in the speech.

On 28 September Foreign Affairs reported that despite the deterioration in relations between Washington and Beijing, China may consider a trump presidency as a success. In particular, it was noted that the US withdrawal from the TRANS-Pacific partnership, a tough approach to trade with Japan and the discussion of the withdrawal of troops from South Korea to weaken U.S. influence in the region and play into the hands of China.

Prior to this, the President of the United States Donald trump accused the Chinese government of meddling in the mid-term elections in the U.S. Congress. According to the White house it reached an unacceptable level.

With the beginning of 2018, between the United States and China trade war, which is expressed in the mutual increase of duties on various groups of goods. Trump has accused Beijing of unfair play and complained of too much deficit in bilateral trade balance. He later said about the win over China, who will not be able to overtake the US economy. According to estimates by Bloomberg, it is expected that due to losses in the trade war at the end of the year, China’s GDP will grow 6.6 percent, that will be the lowest value since 1990.

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