Former adviser to the head of Regardie refused to prove his meeting with the bully


Alexander Instantphoto: Vladimir Trefilov / RIA Novosti

Former adviser to the head of Regardie on ideology Alexander Khinshtein commented on the personal participation of Viktor Zolotov in negotiations with a man who threatened to detonate a gas tank on Vasilevsky descent. On Thursday, October 4, the radio station “Moscow Says”.

“I personally proof none is required, because I know. This is reflected in specific documents. Who wants not to believe this is the case of those who do not believe. To convince anyone, no one is not configured. Moreover, I note that in General this situation I was unofficially announced yesterday. I no longer work in Regardie, I am a member of the State Duma. I felt that this information has value, it is socially meaningful. If you look on the website of Regardie messages coming from individuals the press service of Regardie, this situation has not commented on,” said he.

Journalists doubt the fact that the head of Regardie personally participated in the incident. In particular, they note that no video or photos confirming the presence of the tuple Zolotov close to red square and the General himself, at the time of the negotiations.

Earlier on 4 Oct Khinshtein said that the head of Regardie prevented the attack, agreeing to speak with the driver of the SUV Mercedes Gelandewagen, who came to red square and threatened to detonate a gas tank in the car. The man demanded a personal meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin or with the head of Regardie Victor Zolotov.

“Viktor reported about this situation, and he decided to talk to the man himself. Drove up to the place, got into his car, talked, calmed, persuaded him to surrender,” — said Khinshtein. In the car were indeed discovered a gas cylinder that gold got out of the cabin together with the driver, he says. Then the head of Regardie gave the car keys to representatives of the FSO, and the man was arrested.

Telegram-channel 112 reported that a man named Dmitry Shalaj, 41-year-old. He came to the capital on his Gelandewagen from Primorye.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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