Leading told about the cancer live and stunned the audience


Mark Radcliffe: bbc.co.uk

Well-known British radio presenter mark Radcliffe (Mark Radcliffe) live stated that he was diagnosed with cancer. It is reported by The Sun.

60-year-old host of the Folk Show on the channel “Bi-bi-si” said that doctors diagnosed him with cancer of the tongue.

“I’m sure you’ll understand that I have to disappear for awhile to take care of it. The disease is found very early, so all should be well,” said Radcliffe.

According to the moderator, he intends to return to work in early 2019 or even sooner if his health by that time, will seriously improve. Fans of Radcliffe stunned the news of the serious illness. In social networks they wished the man a speedy recovery.

“Get Well Soon, Mark. We need you on the radio,” wrote one participant. “Fight! We are waiting for your return,” said another user.

Previously suffering from stomach cancer, the journalist Deborah James (Deborah James) voiced the worldly advice of her dead girlfriend, TV presenter Rachel bland (Rachael Bland).

Video, photo All from Russia.


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