Poor cleaner found full of money package and returned it to the owner


Photo: China News

China street sweeper returned to the owner found in the debris of 150 million yuan (about 1.4 million) and refused to accept the reward. This reports the South China Morning Post.

If man found a bag with money in the morning, while cleaning one of the streets in the district of Haikou on Hainan island. The discovery was suspiciously heavy, and the cleaner decided to open it. Inside was a banknote of 100 yuan.

“I thought that must be someone dropped the package and are now very concerned about this. I had to return it to the owner,” said the man.

He took the parcel to the police, where officers began an investigation based on the data of the receipts, which lay money. It appeared that the large sum belonged to a local businessman. For search and return of lost, the police took less than two hours.

It turned out that cash threw one of the janitors in the company of a businessman, mistaking them for rubbish. The owner of the money did Mana as a reward of 20 thousand yuan (about 192 thousand), equivalent to an average annual salary of a janitor. The man chose not to take the money, because I was sure that did what I was supposed to.

The story quickly gained popularity in social networks, and If Mana is dubbed “noble work”. In addition to the rapture, many have noticed that the cleaner gets extremely low wages: average earnings in the province at least twice — about 45.5 thousand yuan a year (439,5 thousand).

Video, photo All from Russia.


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