Russians warned about rising prices for everything


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In a short time in Russia may increase the prices of a number of products, writes “Kommersant” with reference to manufacturers in several industries. The reason — increasing the environmental fee, which prepares the Ministry of environment.

The publication refers to the Ministry of environment prepared a bill to raise rates, which will affect many manufacturers. In particular, the fee for paper bags is proposed to increase by 28.46 per cent for plastic packaging — almost three times for lead-acid batteries — 13.5 times. The average rate will increase by 11.4 percent.

Under current law, manufacturers may choose one of two options: dispose of the packaging or to pay the state fee. According to the estimates of Ministry of natural resources, the increase in rates may bring additional budget revenue of 20 billion rubles till 2020 — in that case, if the maximum number of producers will prefer to pay the fee.

The interviewed market participants fear that such a measure will lead to higher prices for end products. Also, the officials noted that the proposed fees are significantly higher than the cost of disposal and lead to unjustified revenues of the state. In addition, the result can be the development of illegal business, not paying the fee.

In addition, market participants drew attention to the illogicality of the bill. It provides a simultaneous increase in rates for plastic and aluminium packaging (eight times). The first measure due to the desire to support targeted by sanctions aluminum producers. But forced to pay a higher fee beverage manufacturers, by contrast, is likely to choose a different container for them.

The Ministry of the environment the reason for the possible increase of a collection called the desire to encourage the company to recycle production waste.

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