The Basques spoke about imprisonment in the refrigerator in the house Allegrova


Photo: Ramil Sitdikov/ RIA Novosti

Singer Nikolai Baskov told about the incident that happened with him in the house of Irina Allegrova. Coming to the party that gave Allegrova, Basque peered into the unusually spacious refrigerator singer and was trapped inside. About it the actor said in an interview with “Telenedelya”.

“Irene is a wonderful hostess and loves to cook. In her house beautiful kitchen, a huge number of dishes, different new-fangled bells and whistles. And her fridge is a room with a sealed door and leaving behind the horizon shelves, — said the Basque. — What I have suffered in this refrigerator? Don’t ask! Anyway, I walked in and the door closed. And there is no way to open it from the inside. I sit in this icy room, screaming — of course, no one hears me. The cell does not take”.

According to the artist, it began to look not at once. First, the guests did not pay in the long absence Baskov attention, then decided that he left without saying goodbye. “But I found my shoes in the hallway. Began more systematically around the whole house and found me in the fridge. Irina swore at me — no words can tell, — said the singer. It turned out that they actually can from the inside to open the door, but that day something was broken and stuck. Half hour later, I was barefoot and lightly dressed, sat in the fridge and still cold at the thought that it would not find they my shoes in the hallway.”

At the end of 2017 Nikolay Baskov told NTV television that the best gift for him on New year’s would be a mansion outside the city. “The house really want, maybe someone will give?” asked the artist, adding that a lot of money he spent on repairing the five-room apartment in the center of Moscow. “Because I’m a big spender, spend lots of money,” admitted the Basques.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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