The cleaning lady got drunk and trashed the place for a pregnant daughter


Photo: Facebook

American Give snow (Snow Geevee) spoke about the pogrom in the apartment, which is arranged cleaners. About it the victim wrote in a Facebook account.

According to Give, she turned to the cleaning service Joanna with the request to send experts in house cleaning. Her call was responded to two cleaners, which the hostess made a down payment of $ 180, and then left.

When the American returned, she saw that the apartment was ransacked, and one of the cleaning ladies slept on the floor. “The spice rack was broken, the marble coffee table is upside-down, lost keys, alcohol was consumed, but the sofa was stained with chocolate ice cream,” he described the destruction in the apartment of the victim.

Police have refused to do business Give and was advised to go to civil court. Then she wrote a complaint to the cleaning company, demanding compensation for the broken furniture and equipment. However, in the service of Joanna, who sent the cleaners, said that the employee got drunk because of family problems. They claimed that the maid left her husband after 19 years of marriage, but her teenage daughter got pregnant. The company refused to pay damages to the victim.

In March, the Muscovite went to the police, saying that her from the apartment stole the jewels. In the theft suspect the housekeeper, ubiratsya in the apartment.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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