The most unfortunate sixth time the Aussie has suffered from a fire


Photo: Fred Greaves / Reuters

A resident of the Australian town of Parkes, New South Wales, involved in six fires, interested the police. Reported by 7 News.

The ambulance worker Michael McCrea (Michael McCrae) three times a house fire, twice the fire started in the workplace, once the fire destroyed the ambulance. Despite this, he does not consider himself the most unlucky man in the city.

The problems began in 2001 when Mccray lived in the town of Forbes. Someone threw a bottle of kerosene out the window of the ambulance station where he worked. After a week, unidentified attackers burned his vehicle. The same night the ambulance station again caught fire. A few days later a fire destroyed the building McCrea.

The police did not rule out that he was the arsonist, the more that there was a motive: the authorities ignored his requests for transfer to parks. To prove this version failed, and the injuries and material damage resulting Makkreel during a fire, spoke against it.

Burnt ambulance station in Forbes closed, and Mccray was able to move in parks. In 2018, lit up his new home, but the fire managed to extinguish. A month later started a new fire, and this time the house burned down. The police suspected arson and resumed the investigation about his involvement in the fire at Forbes.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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