The Russian army will abandon the heritage of Kolchak


Photo: Juliana Solovyov / RIA Novosti

The Russian military cease to issue caps and earflaps will replace the ordinary caps. The corresponding decree published on the official Internet portal of legal information.

The document States that until June 1, 2022 Russian military cease to issue woolen caps. As changes are made in the rations of soldiers in peace time. Other norms instead of the word “shirt” will be used the term “Jersey”.

Call with ear flaps winter hat, turn-down “ears” on it up and bind on the top or the back of the head braid. The prototype of the fur cap was a cap-“Konchakovna”, which is widespread in the White army Alexander Kolchak in 1918-1919, then such models are widespread among the workers, and later throughout the country.

Kolchak went down in history as one of the leaders of the White movement during the Civil war in Russia.

Currently in the armed forces there are rules for the wearing of the hat. Wearing down the “ears” are allowed when the air temperature is minus 10 and below, and with the associated back — for maintenance of weapons and military equipment, in the chores and in other cases at the direction of the unit commander.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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