Ukrainian politician poured blood because of the Crimean bridge



Activists doused the mayor of the Ukrainian city Gnivan (Vinnytsia region) Vladimir Kuleshov red liquid in the office. They accused the mayor of corruption and patronage Gnivan career, who allegedly sold raw materials for the construction of the Crimean bridge. According to the politician, he was splashed with blood, the newspaper “Вiнниця.info”.

“It was some blood, not paint. Filled the entire Cabinet. Thus damaged public property somewhere in the thousand 25: filled computer, documents, embroidered portrait [Taras] Shevchenko, flag,” — said Kuleshov.

The mayor stressed that Gnivan quarry has no supply arrangements with Russian companies. “They sell raw materials to Moldova, Transnistria, Ukraine, Belarus, and in Russia the gravel stopped selling. (…) Direct supply of Gnivan quarry in Russia does not. Made it up to discredit the company,” — he said, commenting on the grievances of the community members.

Pictures of the office of the activists posted to the network. “Unknown to me people ran and poured its blood. Kuleshov doused from head to toe with the words: “You *** (insult)! We will not allow you to trade on the blood of our defenders!””, — wrote in a Facebook member of the Ukrainian public Association “people’s will” Andrew verbets.

The Crimean Kerch Strait bridge connected the Kerch and Taman Peninsula across the island of Tuzla and Tuzlanskog braid. The construction length of 19 miles was the longest in Russia. The bridge built at the expense of means of the Federal budget. The total project cost nearly 228 billion rubles.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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