Calling a guest an idiot leading “Russia-1” has explained


Olga Scaleauto: @olgaskabeeva

Leading channel “Russia-1” Olga Skobeeva explained why he named the guest of the program “60 minutes” Nikita Isaev idiot. Her words quoted by the portal “the Source”.

The journalist said he believes statements Isayev about the need to tear down the monuments to Lenin and to equate fascism to communism unacceptable. In her opinion, to say this is simply unreasonable.

Skobeeva sure citizen and patriot of Russia would not challenge her legacy. “This is my principled position,” — said the presenter, noting that expressed personal judgment, Isayeva calling an idiot.

Earlier, on 2 October, Skobeeva in a live program “60 minutes” called public figure Isayev idiot and demanded that he left the Studio. So she reacted to the words of the speaker about what he thinks fascism and communism are kindred phenomena.

“This is absolutely correct,” — said Isaev, in response to the words of Kabaevoy about Ukrainian law equating communism with national socialism. “Please leave, Nikita Olegovich, get out of here. You, it seems to me, you idiot, Nikita Olegovich,” said Skobeeva.

The broadcast was devoted to the initiative by Ukrainian lawmakers to prohibit the promotion of the so-called Russian world.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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