Named the “worst” question physics


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The question about the nature of time is the worst that you can set in physics, told RIA Novosti leading researcher of the laboratory of interaction of radiation with matter the Lebedev physics Institute (Moscow), doctor of physical and mathematical Sciences Sergey Baranov.

“Time is the worst thing you can ask of the modern physics. Full disorder is that each of the Sciences sees only with one, its part. It is necessary therefore to speak of geometrical, thermodynamic, quantum-mechanical time. Even to understand why different definitions of time have any relationship to each other is the problem” — said the scientist.

The concept of time in physics changed repeatedly, however, so far there is no single approach to its description. In classical (Newtonian) mechanics, time is absolute (does not depend on the reference system). In special (and General) theory of relativity of time, being one of the four space-time coordinates, relative. In nerelyativistskoi quantum mechanics, time is considered a parameter, in contrast to, for example, the coordinates for which are entered by the operator. In thermodynamics time is associated with entropy, the change of which determines the direction of behavior of physical processes.

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