The Russians tried to speak with the mayor of Sochi, on the street and behind bars


Frame: The Sochi Municipality / YouTube

The Central district court of Sochi arrested for a five days of searching the activist of “Left front” Vakhtang Ezugbaia who has been approached on the street by the mayor of the city Anatoly Pakhomov and wanted to ask him a question, reports “OVD-info”.

The man was found guilty of petty hooliganism (article 20.1 of the administrative code). The portal does not specify how, in the opinion of the court, Tugby disturb public order.

Youtube / The Sochi Municipality

The incident took place September 30 at the waterfront in Sochi. The activist was seen strolling Pakhomova and approached the officer with the words: “Anatoly, Hello, you will be able to answer one question?” The mayor immediately called the Cossack in uniform and ordered him to “pick up” blogger. “You go to Abkhazia to ask questions!” — shouted Pakhomov Tugbay. All events activist took video. A few days Ezugbaia called the police on a conversation, was detained and brought to court.

Shortly before his arrest, the new told to the edition “Notepad Krasnodar”, that wanted to ask the mayor a question about the fate of the ornithological Park. Now the young man is going to sue the mayor. First, for abuse of authority, and secondly, for his remark in the video, which, according to Ezugbaia, inciting ethnic strife.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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