Two Russian servicemen were killed in the exercise in Pskov region


Photo: Vitaly ANEC / RIA Novosti

Two soldiers of the 76th Guards air assault division were killed during a training exercise in strugokrasnenskiy district (Pskov oblast), according to “General newspaper”.

According to the publication, October 2, by order of the commander, they crossed the river on the BMD-4M. War machine went down. Two crew members managed to leave her, and the two sitting in the compartment for landing, no.

According to “MBH Media”, the victims — 24-year-old contractor Vladislav Novikov and 20-year-old draftee Maxim Sazonov, who had to serve two months. As said the publication of the eyewitness of the incident, help is locked in the car went to military divers. However, they do not have time: “one dead already was, and the other evacuated thirty minutes, but could not save”.

Review of the Ministry of defense of Russia “” could not be obtained.

At the beginning of the year during a field exercise of a missile division deployed near the village Kosiha Altai, killed 19-year-old conscript, Andrei Rubtsov. The incident occurred at night in the tent where the sleeping six people. The tent caught fire, colleagues Rubtsov managed to run out, and he became entangled in the sleeping bag and he had no time to get out of the fire. Rubtsou was taken to the Center of thermal defeats with 85 percent burns of the body where two days later he died without regaining consciousness.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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