In Indonesia revealed the reason for the delay in the supply of Russian su-35


Photo: Alexander Kryazhev / RIA Novosti

Delay in execution of contract for supply of Russian 11 su-35 Indonesia not tied to anti-Russian U.S. sanctions. On Saturday, October 6, reported “Interfax” the Ambassador of Indonesia in Russia Mr. Wahid Supriadi.

“This is a technical detail and not with sanctions,” he explained.

According to Supriadi, the contract provides that Indonesia will partially pay for aircraft goods, the type of which still need to be discussed. “The contract specified a minimum of sixteen products, and now the Minister for trade together with his Russian colleague discuss their type. The process is still ongoing,” said the Ambassador.

That the supply of Russian su-35 Indonesia is delayed because of us sanctions, announced earlier in October, “Kommersant”. According to sources, the US has not given Indonesia assurances not to enforce against it the restrictive measures because of cooperation with Russia.

Agreement for the supply of 11 fighters of Russia and Indonesia was signed in February 2018. The contract value was estimated at 1.14 billion dollars. It was noted that half of the contract is $ 570 million — will pay for commodity supplies. To start the transfer of the aircraft was planned from 2019.

Su-35 — multi-role fighter of the 4++ generation. The last military plane built on the platform T-10C, which became the basis for the fighters of family su-27/su-30 and their modifications. The purchased aircraft of the Russian air force (two contracts, a total of 98 cars), and also in the version of the su-35СК sold to China (24 aircraft, the first passed in December 2016).

Video, photo All from Russia.


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