Saudi Arabia refused to pay tribute to the United States


Photo: Hasan Jamali / AP Photo

Saudi Arabia will not pay US for their safety. About it in interview to Agency Bloomberg has declared crown Prince of the Kingdom Mohammed bin Salman al Saud.

“We weren’t going to pay for our safety. All the weapons that we got from the USA was purchased for money, it’s not free delivery,” he said. The Prince noted that the program of arms of Saudi Arabia changed its vector, returning to the purchases of American weapons — more than 60 percent of the supply coming from the United States.

Al Saud said that the agreement of Riyadh and Washington allows Saudi Arabia to produce weapons on American technology, and it’s a good accomplishment for the White house and the Arab countries.

Answering the question whether relations between the United States and Saudi Arabia on the same level as 24 hours ago, al Saud said that “if you look at the whole picture, we have 99 percent good things and the don problem.”

Previously, Donald trump said that the United States to protect Saudi Arabia. “You know, they’re rich. And I love their king, king Salman. But I said to him: “King, we protect you probably you won’t survive without us, and two weeks, you will have to pay for your military, he said.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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