Expensive sex doll mistaken for corpse and staged a farewell


Photos: Colerain Police

In the us state of Ohio the police found in the woods sex doll and took her for a dead girl. This publication reports the Metro.

The incident occurred near the city of Cincinnati. The police found in the woods near the road a garbage bag, the contents of which resembled a dead body. The guards had called the coroner, but before you pulled the container out of the package and realized it was a sex doll. Police called her Mandy.

Locals installed on the findings Monday, a small memorial monument. Her bring toys, flowers, candles and balloons. The tomb became a local landmark.

According to police, Mundy was one of the last models of sex dolls cost thousands of dollars. It is unknown how and why she ended up in the woods.

In mid-September in Austria passers-by took a deflated sex doll for drowning. The police were unable to determine the nature of the findings, it was necessary to call rescuers with a barge.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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