On the popular Russian resort a tourist bus fell into a precipice


Photo: Sanook.com

In Thailand, the tourist bus collided with a car and then fell off the cliff. This was reported by Thai newspaper Sanook.

The incident took place on the serpentine in the province of Phetchabun. The bus with tourists was at a Buddhist ceremony, but on a narrow and steep road his brakes failed and he collided with the truck.

The result of the incident injured 53 people, including 48 passengers of the bus and five passengers of the car. All affected immediately taken to the hospital.

Earlier in July, on the Missouri river in the United States sank tour bus amphibious (Duck Boat). Killing 11 tourists, including children. The tourist boat, on Board of which there were 31 passengers that are unable to cope with strong winds and poor weather conditions, and gradually sank.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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